Our research empowers public and private sector decision makers to confidently explore and implement sustainable energy, transportation and nutrient management solutions.

Research and Reports

The Refuse Revolution: Leading The Way To A Sustainable Future

This report offers a comprehensive assessment of the many non-petroleum options and the various environmental, economic and performance considerations necessary to make sound infrastructure investments.

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Ending the Diesel Era: Cleaner Fleets for a Healthier New York City

This Energy Vision report lays out the ambitious plans New York City has made to reduce the greenhouse gases and air pollution generated by city truck fleets and shows clearly the contribution a diesel phase-out strategy can make—putting NYC right at the leading edge of sustainable heavy-duty transport. It should be a valuable resource to City leaders in charting its course.

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Food Waste Erased: Reduce, Redistribute, Recycle & Refuel

Food Waste Erased” gives an overview of various public- and private-sector initiatives for reducing food waste at various levels, from individual best practices to international policy.

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Turning Waste into Vehicle Fuel: Renewable Natural Gas - A Step by Step Guide for Communities

This report aims to empower local community citizens and stakeholders and other municipal, county, and state leaders across the U.S. to take advantage of an energy resource that can contribute immeasurably to both a healthier and better quality of life for their residents and a stronger economic future for our country. That resource is what Americans have for decades considered “waste.”

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Tomorrow's Trucks: Leaving the Era of Oil Behind

An Analysis of Expanded Refuse Sector Natural Gas Vehicle use in New Jersey, New York City, and on Long Island.

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The City of Surrey BC Setting the Pace for Sustainable Transportation

A special report on a municipal transportation initiative – one by the City of Surrey in British Columbia – that is breaking new ground in moving this city toward a sustainable future.

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Waste to Wheels: A New Report on Turning Trash into Vehicle Fuel

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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG): The Solution to a Major Transportation Challenge

A report on a clean, secure, commercially viable replacement for diesel fuel today.

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