Public education is a pillar of Energy Vision’s program and mission to advance the adoption of sustainable energy and transportation solutions. While much of EV’s research is focused on the technology, policy and economic aspects of low- and no-carbon fuels, with an emphasis on educating public and private sector decision makers, we also work regularly with students to introduce the circular economy concept.

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Despite robust and growing environmental education programs and curriculum, too often students are not exposed to the food-energy-water nexus. This includes the inherent economic and environmental value of our organic waste streams, as well as organics recycling and renewable natural gas (RNG) as a strategy that conserves resources, cuts costs, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Vision works with institutions of higher education, nonprofit partners and other stakeholders to develop materials for students at multiple levels as well as the general public. We educate them about the challenges and opportunities to transition away from our reliance on fossil fuels and polluting practices, including the production and use(s) of biogas and biomethane.

Washington Houses

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