Energy Vision's Power of Waste Workshops convene the key stakeholders leading the growth of the organic waste-to-fuel strategy.


EV's workshops explore the production and use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) made from organic waste feedstocks, with a particular focus on urban and agricultural organic waste streams. Since 2012, we have hosted 20 regional workshops from Los Angeles and Sacramento, to Portland and Seattle, Washington DC to Vermont, as well as Toronto and even Johannesburg, South Africa. Many programs and projects have been initiated as a result of educational and networking opportunities afforded by our workshops.

For more information or inquiries about having Energy Vision coordinate a workshop in your region, please contact us!

Upcoming Workshops

Past Workshops

The Power of Waste Renewable Natural Gas for California 2023

On October 25th, the fifth annual Power of Waste: RNG workshop explored renewable natural gas and its critical role in enabling California to achieve its greenhouse gas reduction and air quality goals.

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Advancing Clean Air & Climate Goals with Clean Fuel Trucks

Energy Vision, NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) and Empire Clean Cities hosted a one-hour webinar on 6/3/2020 to learn about how truck fleet owners and operators can transition to affordable, clean, alternatively fueled medium- and heavy-duty trucks that will help to bring healthier air to residents of the South Bronx. (Visit our Events section to view the webinar)

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4th Annual California RNG Workshop

Energy Vision, in collaboration with government, industry, academic, and NGO partners, held a day-long workshop on March 5th at SoCalGas’ Energy Resource Center in Downey, CA.

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Minnesota RNG Workshop

September 27, 2019 -- Minneapolis, MN

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NYC Organics-to-Value Forum

June 20, 2019 -- Energy Vision, in collaboration with our partners at the New York League of Conservation Voters, hosted a half-day workshop at NYU’s Marron Institute on tapping NYC’s biogas resource.

Arizona RNG Workshop

April 30, 2019 -- Phoenix, AZ

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Upstate New York RNG Workshop

November 21, 2018 -- Saratoga Springs, NY

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3rd Annual California RNG Workshop

October 4, 2018 -- Downey, CA

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New York RNG Workshop

June 5, 2018 -- Brooklyn, NY

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The Power of Organic Waste: RNG for Ontario

December 5, 2017 -- Toronto, Canada

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RNG in Johannesburg, South Africa

November 1-3, 2017 -- Johannesburg, South Africa: EV’s Tomich traveled to and helped lead an RNG workshop in South Africa along with USAID’s South Africa-Low Emissions Development program. The three-day workshop was attended by more than 100 leaders from several Southern African nations.


October 5, 2017 -- Sacramento, CA

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September 5, 2017 -- Portland, OR

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October 27, 2016 -- Downey, CA

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Denver RNG Workshop — The Power of Waste

May 29, 2016 -- Denver, CO

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Ohio RNG Workshop — Waste to Wheels II

December 2, 2015 -- Dayton, OH

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The Power of Waste: Renewable Natural Gas for Long Island

October 14, 2014 -- Stony Brook, NY

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Extracting Value and Vehicle Fuel from Waste: Renewable Natural Gas

June 17, 2014 -- Washington, DC

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Cow Power: Turning Organic Waste into Vehicle Fuel for Vermont

April 23, 2014 -- Burlington, VT

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The Power of Waste: Renewable Natural Gas as a Vehicle Fuel in NY

November 7, 2013 -- Rochester, NY

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The Future of RNG as a Transportation Fuel in Washington

July 16, 2013 -- Tacoma, WA

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