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Since 2010, our research has been focused primarily on the intersection of waste management and sustainable transportation. We have published six groundbreaking reports and a Community Planning Guide that aims to empower local communities and other municipal, county, and state leaders across the US to take advantage of their organic wastes.

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Renewable Natural Gas 101

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), also known as biomethane, is a proven, commercial, yet underdeveloped ultra-low or no-carbon energy option that can displace fossil fuels, including diesel.

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Case Studies

Profiles of innovative projects in the U.S. converting organic wastes into renewable natural gas (RNG) — the country’s lowest-carbon transportation fuel. RNG reduces dependence on fossil fuels, cuts greenhouse gases by 60-300%, and addresses a growing waste challenge.

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Fact Sheets

Energy Vision's independent and objective technical research across topics and jurisdictions is summarized in our easily digestible fact sheets.

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