Winter 2020

Energy Vision Honors 2020 Clean Fuel Pioneers

On October 8th, more than 100 guests, including business and government leaders, tuned in to Energy Vision’s 14th annual awards reception.

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Letter From the Founder

Despite the devastating impacts of the coronavirus and the rollback of almost 100 environmental laws by the outgoing Administration, Energy Vision has made some important clean energy progress this year.

U.S. Organic Waste-to-Fuel Revolution Gains Momentum

Despite 2020’s public health and economic challenges, the industry turning the country’s organic wastes into a clean, ultra-low carbon fuel has grown at a dramatic pace.

Supporting New York’s Dairy Sector to Advance Climate Goals

The well-being of New York’s dairy industry—the fourth largest in the US, with 628,000 cows across 4,600 farms and responsible for almost 30,000 jobs—is strongly linked to the health of New York City and its restaurants.

Project Spotlight

CR&R Perris Biodigester

The largest food and green waste anaerobic digester in the United States sets the green pace in Perris, California.

Project Spotlight

Optima-Kenansville (KV)

OptimaBio, LLC commissioned its Optima-Kenansville (KV) project to maximize the environmental and economic value of North Carolina’s hog manure resources.

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