Meeting the Methane Challenge - Energy Vision report cover

Spring 2024

Energy Vision Report Provides First Clear Roadmap to Slash U.S. Methane by 2030

The international scientific community concluded in 2021 that global emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane must be cut at least 30% by 2030 if we are to avoid the disastrous “runaway” effects of a warming climate.

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Founder’s Column: Time to Act!!

EV’s cutting edge report, Meeting the Methane Challenge, marks a new frontier for Energy Vision, spelling out the specific steps our country can take right now to help stave off global warming.

EV Webinar Highlights how Environmental Justice Communities Can Put Food Waste to Work

A nationwide audience tuned in to Energy Vision’s May 7th webinar, moderated by President Matt Tomich, featuring an innovative and inspiring project in Chicago’s historically disadvantaged Auburn-Gresham neighborhood – one which can be replicated in other environmental justice (EJ) communities across the country.

Pressing for Greater NYS Climate Leadership: EV Research Director Speaks at NYS Organics Summit

Speaking on a panel at the 2024 New York State Organics Summit in Buffalo in mid-April, Michael Lerner, Energy Vision’s director of research and publications, laid out how anaerobic digesters (ADs) can help NYS reach its ambitious climate goals. His talk drew great interest and many questions.

Brendan Sexton

EV Organizes Friends of Brendan Sexton Symposium on Decarbonizing NYS Economy

On April 19, Energy Vision organized the Friends of Brendan Sexton Symposium, honoring our beloved former Board Member and former NYC Sanitation Department Commissioner Brendan Sexton, who passed away last year.

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