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Spring 2022

Energy Vision Honors Clean Fuel Pioneers

While the federal government is largely focused on taking steps to slash emissions of the potent planet warming gas methane from leaking oil and gas wells and ill-maintained natural gas pipelines, almost half of US methane emissions come from farms, landfills and wastewater treatment plants.

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Letter From The Founder

For the millions of our world’s children and families to inherit a safe, healthy and sustainable world, the COP 26 climate summit held last November in Glasgow framed the challenge facing our generation. To avoid the most catastrophic impacts of a warming planet, we have one overriding priority. That is to slash global methane emissions almost in half during this decade.

The Refuse Revolution

Up and down the streets of virtually every city and town, refuse trucks and their drivers collect our wastes and recyclables, keeping our streets clean and livable. Despite modest progress over the past 20 years, most of these 180,000 trucks still use high-carbon diesel fuel, spewing exhaust with negative impacts on the environment and on public health. But Energy Vision is working to change this.

Project Spotlight

Tusten Horse Ribbon Cutting

A HORSE Comes to Tusten, NY

As Americans in cities and towns across the country struggle with how they can help tackle our climate change challenge, where are the good news stories? For one, you might look at Tusten New York, a Sullivan County hamlet of 1,500 residents sitting on the banks of the Delaware River and known as the Eagle Capital of NY State.

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