Profiles of innovative organic waste-to-fuel projects in North America

Case Studies

St. Landry Parish, Louisiana

The first community-driven renewable natural gas (RNG) project in the country shows what can be accomplished at a small-scale with municipal leadership. The project harnesses landfill gas as a vehicle fuel using BioCNG, LLC Technology.

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Sauk Trail Hills Renewable Natural Gas

The first landfill renewable natural gas (RNG) project in Michigan delivers RNG for use as vehicle fuel across the United States.

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Riverview Landfill

In Michigan, landfill gas is being captured and upgraded into renewable compressed natural gas (R-CNG) to power vehicle fleets in the City of Riverview.

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Altamont Landfill

In Livermore, California, Waste Management runs the world's largest renewable liquified natural gas (R-LNG) plant, producing millions of gallons of fuel for its regional collection and transfer fleets.

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Janesville Wastewater Project

A Wisconsin wastewater treatment plant produces biogas for electricity production and R‐CNG vehicle fuel.

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DeKalb County Renewable Fuels Facility

A large municipal landfill project in suburban Atlanta has found success producing RNG for local fleet consumption.

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Dane County Landfill

A Wisconsin Community earns top US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) award by showing how a biogas-to-vehicle system can work on a small scale.

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Blue Line Biogenic CNG Facility

A small-scale, closed-loop digester project in South San Francisco turns food scraps into vehicle fuel for a local refuse collection fleet.

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Fair Oaks Dairy RNG

The country's first dairy digester RNG project produces net-carbon-negative vehicle fuel for dozens of heavy-duty trucks.

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CR&R Perris Biodigester

The largest food and green waste anaerobic digester in the United States sets the green pace in Perris, California.

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Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant

Colorado's first RNG project, in the city of Grand Junction, has been recognized as a model for municipalities across the country.

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Seneca Landfill On-Site Renewable Natural Gas

PA’s first closed-loop organic waste-to-Fuel project powers refuse trucks on low-carbon RNG at Vogel Disposal's Seneca Landfill outside of Pittsburgh.

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Optima-Kenansville (KV)

OptimaBio, LLC commissioned its Optima-Kenansville (KV) project to maximize the environmental and economic value of North Carolina’s hog manure resources.

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