The recent milestone marches in Washington DC, New York and in cities across the country expressed the anxieties of millions about what the Trump Administration might do. Will it quash environmental regulation? Support unconstrained oil and gas drilling? Withdraw from global climate change initiatives?


EV Op-Ed: “How Garbage Trucks Can Drive a Green Future”

Halving emissions in less than a decade requires immediate, concerted action. But the Department of Sanitation — the city agency with the highest vehicle fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions — plans to buy 340 new refuse trucks this year, with at least 300 powered by diesel engines. That would lock in high diesel emissions for the seven-year service life of these trucks — and put the 2025 emissions goal out of reach.


Power of Waste Colorado Workshop

The Power of Waste Workshop, co-hosted by Energy Vision and the Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition at Daniels Fund – 101 Monroe Street, Denver, CO, introduced renewable natural gas (RNG) as a new frontier for transportation. Colorado is poised to take the lead toward a cleaner, economical, and locally-sourced energy future.

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Heartland Biogas – Largest Digester Project In The World

Energy Vision’s Matt Tomich and Joanna Underwood toured the Heartland Biogas facility, a mere 40 minutes from downtown Denver. The project, developed by AgEnergy USA and operated by EDF Renewables and A1 Organics, sits on a 100-acre site and is the largest digester project of its kind in the world!