RNG: A Critical Strategy For Meeting the 2050 Climate Goal

Joanna Underwood, US Gas Vehicles, Climate Summit

Joanna D. Underwood, Energy Vision Founder & Chair

December 2015 marks a possible turning point in human history, as leaders from 195 countries around the world gathered in Paris to reach an agreement on addressing the threats of global climate change.

For the first time after more than two decades since the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change began holding meetings on this topic — the most well known being Kyoto in 1997 — the nations coming to the table brought specific goals and strategies for reducing their generation of greenhouse gases. Also a first, the two largest greenhouse generators – the US and China – agreed to be a big part of the solution.

Before the Paris discussions began, the French foreign minister reported that the 183 countries that account for 95% of greenhouse gas emissions had all submitted plans under which global warming could be limited to between 2.7 and 3.5 degrees Celsius. That would be real progress but would still be above the 2 degrees Celsius temperature rise limit set as a global goal, which would require cutting greenhouse gases 80% (from 2005 levels) by 2050. Read more

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