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New York City’s Attack on Fossil Fuel Companies


This letter originally appeared in The New York Times on January 24th, 2018.

Kudos to Mayor Bill de Blasio for acting to counter our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels. While it’s valuable that New York City is suing and divesting from fossil fuel companies, championing sustainable fuels must begin at home.

The mayor should begin mothballing not only the S.U.V.s that accompany him but also the city’s roughly 5,600 heavy-duty municipal trucks that consume 60 percent of fleet fuel and generate at least 60 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions. The city should invest in turning our food waste and wastewater into clean, renewable biogas fuel that could power all these vehicles.

If Sacramento, Toronto and Portland, Ore., can fuel their fleets with biogas fuel, why not New York?


The writer is founder and a board member of Energy Vision.

Click HERE to download the full letter.

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