From the Desk of the Chair – Energy Vision on COP23


Joanna D. Underwood
Founder and Chair

As COP23 wraps up in Bonn, Germany, the dedication of close to 200 nations – now including Syria – to struggle over strategies needed to meet the ambitions goals of the 2015 Paris agreement is encouraging indeed. And many thanks to Michael Bloomberg for ensuring a US presence at this critical forum, showing the commitment of millions of Americans to be part of the process despite our government’s sad and shortsighted decision to withdraw.

Energy Vision will redouble its efforts to bring one critical strategy to countries around the world helping them succeed: by taking the methane gases emitted by the food, agricultural and other organic wastes that they have long treated as garbage, and turning these gases into a clean carbon-free vehicle fuel – just one of the stunning ways humans can use their imagination and skills to create a sustainable future.

Below: UN Secretary-General António Guterres called on nations to go further and faster together to fight climate change. In his opening remarks of the High-Level Segment at the COP23 UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Secretary-General Guterres warned that the catastrophic effects of climate change, such as floods, fires, extreme storms and droughts, are already upon us. More ambition is needed to reduce emissions, strengthen resilience, and provide financing to enable clean growth in developing countries. Guterres urged engagement of all actors in the transformation to a low-emission economy, ranging from national, regional and local governments, to philanthropists, investors and consumers. He also called on political leaders assembled in Bonn for the COP23 High-Level Segment to show courage, wisdom and compassion.


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