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Ameresco, CCI BioEnergy and Quantum Biopower Honored for Their Role in Advancing a Powerful Climate Strategy:  the Ultra-Low Carbon Fuel Renewable Natural Gas from Organic Waste


[New York, NY — October 16, 2017]  Thursday evening, at a Manhattan gathering of business and NGO leaders helping drive the growth of renewable natural gas (RNG) made from organic waste in North America, three companies with landmark projects were honored with awards by Energy Vision, a national non-profit which researches and promotes technologies and strategies for a sustainable, low-carbon energy and transportation future.

The awardees are Boston-based Ameresco, which provides renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy infrastructure solutions for facilities throughout North America and the U.K; the Connecticut firm Quantum Biopower, which specializes in anaerobic digestion of food waste to produce RNG and compost, and the Ontario company CCI Bioenergy, which has pioneered anaerobic digestion applications for producing RNG since 2000.

RNG is made from biogas emitted from decomposing organic wastes such as food, wastewater, agricultural manures and yard clippings.  Instead of allowing these gases to escape into the atmosphere and exacerbate climate change, they are captured and refined into an ultra-low-emissions source of energy and transportation fuel.   Making and using RNG emits a small fraction of the greenhouse gas emitted by diesel, gasoline or geologic natural gas fuels. When made from food waste or dairy farm waste, processed in anaerobic digesters and used to fuel vehicles, RNG is actually net carbon-negative over its lifecycle. That makes it a powerful decarbonization strategy — one that is commercial and deployable on large and small scales today.

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