NYC industry leaders, residents learn about RNG, organic waste benefits

By Jonathan Barnes | June 15, 2015 New Yorkers are learning about organic waste’s benefits, including its ability to create renewable natural gas. Recently the Urban Future Lab in Brooklyn hosted Energy Vision, a non-government organization which led a panel on “The Power of Waste: Extracting the Greatest Value from NYC’s Organics.” Waste and gas […]


New York City Climbs the Learning Curve on Renewable Natural Gas from Organic Waste

Matt Tomich | June 12, 2015 At Brooklyn’s Urban Future Lab last month, the clean energy NGO Energy Vision held a public panel on “The Power of Waste: Extracting the Greatest Value from NYC’s Organics,” with New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) Commissioner Kathryn Garcia, and waste and gas industry leaders. It was a […]


New York’s Eco-Friendly Food Carts: The Next Generation of Street Vending?

In a pilot program, some 500 eco-friendly food carts will be provided to New York City street vendors. The initiative reflects how restaurants and food companies are responding to consumer demand for sustainable, higher quality options. By Jessica Mendoza, Staff Writer MAY 13, 2015 The future of the food truck business may be starting in […]


Is This The Mobile Food Cart Of The Future?

In an intriguing deal with the city of New York, the company MOVE Systems will provide environmentally friendly food carts to vendors, rent free. SARAH GOODYEAR; May 12, 2015 The humble food cart is a fixture on the streets of New York, and in recent years the offerings available have gone a long way beyond […]


Commentary: Seize The RNG Transportation Fuel Opportunity

By Joanna Underwood and Matthew Tomich Communities across the U.S. own abundant “raw materials” for making a homegrown transportation fuel supply while virtually eliminating their contribution to climate changing greenhouse gases in a key vehicle sector. These largely overlooked raw materials are organic wastes — some 78 million tons a year of them nationwide — […]


Why renewable methane fuel smells like a rose

By Joanna Underwood From the People’s Climate March to the U.N. Climate Summit to U.S. government initiatives, climate concern is surging. One of the most encouraging things about the trend is the intensifying focus on practical solutions, including drilling down on methane, the largest component of natural gas. Most methane comes from drilling and refining […]