Matthew P. Tomich


Matt Tomich is the president of Energy Vision (EV). Since joining EV in 2012, his focus has been on the advancement of renewable natural gas (also known as RNG or biomethane) as a vehicle fuel. His work has included research and writing on major RNG initiatives in the U.S. in the dairy, landfill gas, wastewater treatment plant, residential and commercial waste sectors – research published on Energy Vision’s website and various other media outlets. Tomich has also co-authored four Energy Vision reports: Renewable Natural Gas: The Solution to a Major Transportation Challenge; Tomorrow’s Trucks: Leaving the Era of Oil Behind; Turning Waste into Vehicle Fuel: A Step-by-Step Guide for Communities and The Food Cart of the 21st Century.

Tomich has been instrumental in coordinating Energy Vision’s various regional and national education and outreach initiatives. He has appeared as a speaker at multiple venues across the country as well as in Canada and China. He was named one of New York City’s Top 10 Energy Entrepreneurs for 2015 by Breaking Energy.

Matt earned a B.A. in Geology from Haverford College, where he focused on Soil Geochemistry as relates to the concept of terroir, and an M.B.A. from Kansas State University with an emphasis on Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship. His favorite past time is fly-fishing — catch and release of course.

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