Energy Vision

Our Mission

Energy Vision’s mission is to research, analyze and promote the technologies and strategies — viable today — required to transition toward a sustainable, low-carbon energy and transportation future.

Energy and transportation systems support the economies of the US and countries worldwide. Energy Vision’s goal is to help guide the shift in these systems from fossil fuels to clean and renewable resources – a technology revolution that is essential for leaving a resource-rich healthy world to future generations.

Since its founding in 2007, Energy Vision has been especially focused on finding and publicizing viable and sustainable solutions for the behind-the-scene sectors that often do not receive much attention. But from waste management to heavy-duty buses and trucks, and more recently, food carts, these are industries essential to our economy and areas where innovation and ingenuity can have major positive impacts on our health, environment and economy.


Areas of Interest

In working toward the low-carbon energy and transportation systems required for a sustainable future, Energy Vision has highlighted several key related challenge/focus areas, including climate, health, waste and economics.

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Through various research, education and outreach initiatives, Energy Vision collaborates with public and private sector leaders committed to a sustainable energy and transportation future. A selection of quotes on EV’s work is provided here.

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Who We Are

Meet the people who turn our Energy Vision into action and on-the-ground progress!

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