Energy Vision’s mission is to analyze and promote ways to make a swift transition to pollution-free renewable energy sources and to the clean, petroleum-free transportation fuels of the future.


Energy Vision’s Top Priority

— Weaning the 10 million buses and trucks on U.S. roadways from polluting diesel fuel. It was recently labeled carcinogenic by the World Health Organization.

— Buses and trucks make up just 4% of U.S. vehicles, but consume 23% of our road fuel. They no longer need to use diesel, but can shift to cleaner natural gas or, even better, renewable natural gas made from waste.

Energy Vision’s Strategy

— To educate government and business leaders, students, and a broader citizenry in the US about the risks of our heavy reliance on petroleum-based fuels.

— To analyze and report on the domestic alternative fuels, such as the best option to date, renewable natural gas, that can best reduce air pollution, cut greenhouse gases, and replace use of oil.

— To work with municipal and state governments, businesses, vehicle fleet operators, communities and universities in designing programs moving toward a long term sustainable hydrogen future.

Addressing the Challenge of US Oil Dependency

— With about 5% of the world’s population, the US consumes 20.8 million barrels of oil a day — 25% of worldwide consumption. While gasoline and diesel enabled the growth of this country’s transportation systems in the 20th century, continued reliance on these fuels poses many threats to the future:

— Our National Security: Our dangerous reliance on foreign oil is due to the more than 220 million vehicles which use 69% of oil consumed in the US. We rely on precarious foreign supplies for almost 50% of all the oil we use; more than 30% comes from politically unstable regions of the Middle East, Africa and South America, and competition for dwindling global supplies is increasing from industrializing Asia.

— Our Economic Strength: Oil imports drained $300 billion from the US economy in 2006, and untold billions are now spent defending foreign supplies and infrastructure.

— Our Children’s Health: Vehicle emissions cause 60-90% of the air pollution in cities, damaging the health of millions of our children and is a key reason why 156 million Americans live in areas where air quality is labeled unhealthy by the US EPA.

— Our Global Climate’s Stability: Vehicle emissions constitute 25 percent of the greenhouse gases produced in the US, which have made this country the #1 contributor to global climate change.

Getting on the Path to Sustainable Fuels

Clean alternative fuels are available that can free us from oil dependency and put us on the path to sustainable fuels. The challenge is to act now.

Energy Vision particularly focuses on identifying and promoting the fuel and technology alternatives that offer the greatest near and long term benefits:

— Minimal vehicle emissions, greenhouse gas reductions and greater energy security today

— The technology learning curves that will facilitate a longer term transition to the era of secure as well as pollution and carbon-free fuels.

—  The end goal of this transition, according to more and more world authorities, is hydrogen fuel cell powered transportation –with hydrogen made first from natural gas, then from water using renewable energy.