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Energy Vision’s mission is to research, analyze and promote the technologies and strategies — viable today — required to transition toward a sustainable energy and transportation future.

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Case Studies

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Profiles of the innovative U.S. projects where organic wastes are converted into the country’s lowest-carbon vehicle fuel — renewable natural gas (RNG). RNG reduces dependence on foreign oil, cuts greenhouse gases by 88% or more, and addresses a growing waste problem.

In the News

Energy Vision Names Matt Tomich As Its New President

January 30, 2016

EV, which researches and promotes technologies and strategies for a sustainable, low-carbon energy and transportation future, has a new leader. As of January 2016, Matt Tomich is the organization’s president. 

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William Baker
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RNG: A Critical Strategy for Meeting the 2050 Climate Goal

December 2, 2015

December 2015 marks a possible turning point in human history, as leaders from countries around the world reached an agreement on addressing the threats of global climate change.

Best of the Web 11/16

November 20, 2015