• Energy Vision’s Winter Newsletter Energy Vision’s Winter Newsletter

    Check out this latest edition of EVNews for details on the research, education and outreach initiatives of the past few months!

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  • The 2014 EV Leadership Awards The 2014 EV Leadership Awards

    Energy Vision’s 2014 Leadership Awards were presented at the annual year-end holiday reception and benefit on Nov 18. This year’s award winners included: quasar energy group; Aria Energy/Clean Energy Renewables; and the NYC Department of Sanitation. Click Here for photos and below for the official press release.

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  • Energy Vision Energy Vision

    - Promoting Clean Renewable Fuels

    - Ending U.S. Oil Addiction

    - Fighting Global Warming

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  • Turning Local Organic Wastes into Renewable Natural Gas Turning Local Organic Wastes into Renewable Natural Gas

    Pioneering initiatives across the U.S. are converting organic wastes into “frack-free” renewable natural gas vehicle fuel. Energy Vision is your go-to resource to learn more about these innovative projects and the companies and municipalities leading this exciting movement.

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Rethinking Waste and Fuels in America. Research. Education. Outreach. Partnerships.

Our Mission

Energy Vision is a leader in analyzing and promoting the most rapid transition for the U.S. to the clean, petroleum-free transportation fuels of the future and in identifying the pioneering companies, technologies, and policies taking us there.

Case Studies: Organics-to-Fuel Projects

Profiles of the communities, landfills and dairies where organic wastes are converted into the country’s first sustainable vehicle fuel - reducing US dependence on foreign oil, cutting greenhouse gases, and solving a growing waste problem.

Meet Industry Innovators

These companies are leading the transition to cleaner transportation fuels. From organic waste conversion to engine and fueling infrastructure, they're paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.


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